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When and how I started programming

I have read of posts where poeple mentioned that they started programming at very early age but in my case it was opposite even though I was exposed to it at an early age. I have met many people who feel that its very late for them to start programming. This post is for them

I was in 7 grade when I was exposed to programming. One of my family member was learning web desiging. She showed me the structure of HTML

I wrote the first program and at that time I did not know that what I was doing is "programming" for me it was just some fancy thing like make slides on power point. 

My first code was the following

<TITLE> Siddiq </TITLE>
<BODY> Hello World </BODY>

I played for some time and then got busy with other stuff.

Years passed by I completed my BS in CS with some exposure to JAVA still I was not doing much programming until I enrolled in MS in CS.  All my peers were really good at programming and CS fundamentals and I was okay at that time. I was scared and was afraid to ask people which I feel was my mistake. Its always good idea to discuss with your peers and always respect their suggestions.

How did I overcome my fear of Programming?

I started to develop fear of programming. Time passed by and I finally decided this is not who I am. I take challenges and solve them. So I made a plan and strategy to overcome this fear.  My plan of action was to meet people whom I was comfortable with and who belong to same field. I started to share my experience and the response I got was amazing. I met so many people who had same experience as I had. 

Some suggested me books, some suggested me to take classes and some gave me ideas. I combined all the advices I got and made the following plan 

I am a guy who believe in practical learning. If you give me a book I will take more time to learn when compared to if you give me project.  I picked up a Java book read few pages and after that I kept the book at oneside and then thought of simple ideas that I can implement. 

As usualy I started with "Hello World" in Java (at the same time read about the structure of Java program) . Then I wanted to create a program that would take all my friends name and print them in 
sorted order (learnt about IO operations as well as sorting algorithm)



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